Scroll Stoppers - One Look

I’m booking one look head shots and portrait sessions at an extreme discount, because I get your hustle..and it generally SUCKS getting photos done!

My gift goes beyond the equipment, beyond being a technical wizard behind the camera OR being a master of light!

It’s about human experience!

Working with me you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed enough to release the real being you are inside.

I know how crazy it gets, I SEE YOU!

This is my gift to you. I’m your ACE card, bringing you from impossible to I’M POSSIBLE!

$175 reserves your spot and two retouched publish ready images. Let’s make some Scroll Stoppers together!

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Secure your spot by selecting an available date and time below!

You must complete the form and satisfy the attached invoice to consider your spot booked and reserved.

Once your session is booked and confirmed, Dauss will be in touch to discuss your look and begin planning your session.

A la Carte Add ons:

  • Additional edits @ $95 / Image

  • Additional looks w/ two edits @ $250

  • Professional Hair and Make-up starting @ $200* / look ( one look is sufficient for multiple outfits)

  • Professional wardrobe Styling @ $200* / look

    *Items can be added at anytime barring artist availability and will simply be added to your invoice, balance due 7 days prior to your shoot date.

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About Dauss

I am a passionate commercial and wedding photographer who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes along with it. I love and appreciate the people I get to meet, the places I'm blessed to go, the hours I keep, and the creative spontaneity in every shoot and project I take on.

I'm a father, an ice cream addict, a timepiece collector.  I'm a nerd, an artist, drummer, and a world traveling dreamer. I’m usually not taking myself too seriously and over-all generally a happy camper. An Internationally published photographer with a background in Fine Arts and Psychology, I have been a die-hard artist and creative my entire life. When you do what you love, people love what you do, and I truly love what I do, it shines through in every image!

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